2011 Motorcycle Trip, Day 6.

2011 MC Trip, Day 6, Idaho Falls Idaho to Devils Tower Wyoming, 555.4 mi: I was up and ready to go early. It was Monday morning and I was hoping for little to no traffic in Yellowstone since it was a weekday. My Mom made me breakfast and supervised packing up. We chatted a bit […]


“…isn’t life a beautiful train wreck…”

A few weeks ago, I was at Café Racer to celebrate the birthday of a good friend.  I was not one you could call a “regular”, but I have played shows there, and been present for other shows my fair share of times. This would mark the first time I spent longer than a few […]


2011 Motorcycle Trip, Day 4-5.

2011 MC Trip, Day 4, Blackfoot Idaho: I didn’t sleep well; I was waking up every few hours which was irritating. Luckily for me, this was a non-travel day. The only item on the agenda was to ride to Blackfoot Idaho which is self-designated the “Potato Capital of the World”. It claims to have the […]


2011 Motorcycle Trip, Day 3.

2011 MC Trip, Day 3, Ely Nevada to Idaho Falls Idaho, 429.7 mi: I woke up refreshed and hit the shower, made some food on the camp stove and began to pack up my gear. It was early but Twin Falls was relatively far and I didn’t feel like dealing with traffic, like there is […]


2011 Motorcycle Trip, Day 2.

2011 MC Trip, Day 2, Reno to Ely Nevada, 519.1 miles: I woke early, as is my custom on days I travel. I thought ahead and procured breakfast items so I wouldn’t have to waste my time getting a “normal” breakfast. The concierges again were quite nice and helped me load up the bike and […]


2011 Motorcycle Trip, Day 1.

2011 MC Trip, Day 1, Seattle to Reno Nevada, 719.4 miles: I did not sleep well. I never do the night before a trip. It does not matter how big or small the trip, sleep just does not really happen. The first half of the day would be spent on the I-5 south to Eugene, […]


2011 MC Trip: The Beginning

The trip began as more of a challenge to myself and frankly, accidental.  It had been several years since my last summer motorcycle trip and it was about time. The problem was that my normal summer riding partner and uncle, Mike, was unable to do a trip in 2011. I considered this setback for some […]


A Prize Every Time

I have been thinking about this website concept for a while. The ideas really came about by reading some music marketing material I purchased from Bob Baker. I was deep in the process of trying to figure out ways to market and promote my band Blackbird Orchestra. One of the central themes or at least […]


Rejection and Respect…

I once tried out for a band that was intriguing to me. Part of this intrigue was related to their style in terms of look and the other was due to the willingness to incorporate many different styles and instruments into their music. It reminded me a lot of a Victorian influenced The Tea Party […]


Carnival and the Future

As the days and weeks march toward the Carnival in Venice I feel inspired by the creativity that I will be a part of. Part of the motivation for this site is to experiment with some of my personal creativity and part of that is related to the Carnival and my many friends who participate […]